Feeding Baby Solids for First Time? Check Auspicious Date and Time for Annaprashan in April 2021

One should not celebrate Annaprashan under the nakshatra in which the baby was born

Annaprashan Sanskar is the seventh of the sixteen Hindu Sanskars that has been described in Shastras. It is quite significant for the Hindus and hence it is advisable to perform the ritual at an auspicious time. The shubh muhurat is decided by calculating the positions of celestial bodies, Nakshatra and Rashi details of the new born. It is usually performed after six months of childbirth. During the ceremony, solid food is fed to the newborn for the first time. It is suggested to feed the child only his/her mother’s milk till then. The ritual is performed after puja and hawan.

On the shubh muhurat, the parents perform the puja after taking bath and wearing new clothes. The entire family participate in the havan. Once the puja is finished, the priest makes the newborn eat kheer. After that, other members of the family also perform this ritual and blesses the baby with good health and prosperity.

The Annaprashan Tithi falls anytime from six months to one year after birth. According to Hindu scriptures, the Annaprashan ceremony should be performed in even months for a boy and odd for a girl. This means that if the newborn is a girl, then her Annaprashan should be celebrated on the seventh, ninth, or eleventh month of the birth. Whereas for a boy, it should be on the sixth, eighth, and tenth month. Here are the Tithis, Days, Nakshatra and Lagna that are considered auspicious to perform the Annaprashan ceremony.